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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012


Boskalis views safety as a license to operate and a top priority in an environment and amid activities with a relatively high risk profile. Since the introduction of our company-wide safety program NINA (No Injuries, No Accidents) five years ago there has been a clear change in culture. Safety has become a major unifying factor and an intrinsic value for our employees. NINA has now been successively introduced and embraced within all our business units.

Since the launch of NINA in 2010 the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) has fallen significantly. The number of incidents resulting in absence from work per 200,000 hours worked dropped considerably from 0.67 in 2010 to 0.08 in 2015 (2014: 0.09). This decline was achieved despite our company’s strong growth. In order to further improve our safety performance we will tighten up our management process in the coming years as well as focusing on the Medical Treatment Cases and Restricted Work Cases. By aiming for a reduction in all three categories we expect to achieve a further decline in the number of incidents resulting in injury. The Dockwise vessel Swan loaded with the living quarters for the future Aasta Hansteen platform in Schiedam, the Netherlands.organizational developments Following the introduction of NINA at the Offshore Energy division in 2014 an intensive training program was launched in 2015.This was also rolled out at Salvage and for former MNO Vervat employees at Boskalis Nederland, thus achieving the objective of introducing NINA across the entire organization in 2015.

Thanks to NINA both the frequency and the impact of accidents have declined, in other words there are fewer accidents resulting in (serious) injury. Despite this, the number of incidents reported using Safety Hazard Observation Cards (SHOCs) increased over the years. The number of SHOC reports in 2015 was 5,642, in addition to which 864 near misses were reported in the year under review. We view SHOC and near misses reports as a proxy for the proactive safety culture within the organization. NINA encourages reporting of such situations, allowing us to make proactive adjustments.

For detailed reporting on our safety policy and our safety performance please refer to our CSR report.

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